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POLRO® 2-support-kiln

If low pyroprocessing temperatures are involved or if a preheater/precalciner system is used, a relatively short rotary kiln may be adequate for the purposes of the process. Up to a length to diameter ratio of 15:1 it is possible to use a 2-support POLRO® kiln system.


The POLRO® rotary kiln has a statically determined support configuration on only two roller stations and has a direct drive system. The kiln shell with its splined tyres rotates on self-aligning rollers, which automatically adjust themselves to the momentary running conditions. The kiln is directly driven via the rollers of the inlet-end roller station. This system supersedes the previously conventional girth gear and pinion mechanism. The POLRO® system is rounded off by pneumatic inlet and outlet seals, hydraulic axial thrust system and air-cooled inlet trough.


Thanks to the statically determined support configuration, this kiln design is characterised by high operating reliability, minimal maintenance and inspection requirements and therefore very low operating costs.


Depending on the process-technological requirements, rotary kilns can be equipped with e.g. peripheral tertiary air blowers, which ensure the controlled infeeding of combustion air in a reduction process. Other modifications are also possible; for instance co-rotating burner systems or gas injection systems.

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