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  • LEPOL® preheater


  • The LEPOL® preheater (developed by Polysius and used for the first time in 1928) operates on the principle of the travelling grate and is still a suitable process for materials that are susceptible to abrasion. A certain lump size range is, however, a prerequisite. The LEPOL® is therefore also used for drying and hardening pellets and


    .LEPOL® plant in Germany



    Model of a LEPOL® plant for the pre-reduction of ore pellets


    A bed of material with uniform depth is carried to the rotary kiln on a grate with longitudinally slotted plates. The grate travelling speed is adjustable. The hot rotary kiln exhaust gas flows through the slotted grate plates and the bed of material from the top to the bottom. If required, the LEPOL® is equipped with two chambers, which enables the gas to be utilised several times. During the preheating process the exhaust gas from the rotary kiln is cooled down to about 100 °C, i.e. its heat is almost completely transferred to the material.