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Injection systems for the blast furnace process


High energy prices and the cost of steel plant residue disposal increase the attractiveness of blast-furnace injection systems for these materials.


For the blast furnace process, Polysius supplies efficient and reliable systems for injecting diverse reagents, such as carbon, waste plastics, titanium oxide, fine ore and filter dusts.

Some application examples for blast-furnace injection systems are: 

  • injecting titanium oxide to increase the service life of hearth refractory linings,
  • using waste plastics for reduction gas production as a low-priced alternative to coke and heavy oil,
  • injecting filter dusts from the steel industry. 

In addition, a range of Polysius machines and systems (such as storage facilities, blending beds, grinding, drying and pyroprocessing systems) is available for the entire preparation process leading up to the injectable product.