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PREPOL® calcining system

Special PREPOL® calcining systems for different requirement profiles

In addition to assuring complete combustion of the fuel, the calciner has to function with great flexibility, in order to cope with the wide range of fuel grades used (from highly reactive to extremely unreactive).

Today, great importance is placed on systems incorporating primary measures for emission reduction, and this trend is increasing.

For such requirements Polysius has developed the PREPOL®-MSC-CC system in addition to the proven PREPOL®-MSC calciner. This system permits the use of unreactive fuels and simultaneously reduces the nitrogen oxide emissions.

The Polysius PREPOL®-AS calciner programme (AS stands for Air Separate; a concept which all PREPOL® types share) thus includes a selection of versions, -CC, -MSC and -MSC-CC, in order to optimally fulfil individual requirements with regard to operating reliability, product quality, flexibility and emission reduction.

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