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Tangential, Flat floor, Cone, Multi-compartment silo




Tangential silo

The tangential silo was specially developed for the long-term storage of very fine-grained bulk materials - such as cement. All the silo outlets are located in the middle of the silo, beneath the central cone. The discharged material can be conveyed to various packing and loading facilities.

Flat floor silo

For storing free-flowing and fluidisable materials the simplest solution is the flat floor silo. Compared with other types of silo,

the flat floor silo - due to its silo floor inclination of only 15 degrees - has the best ratio of storage volume to construction height. Flat floor silos have diameters of up to 16 m.

Cone silo

The cone silo is a storage silo with very little mechanical equipment and therefore with minimal operating costs. Aeration units in the outlet zone and a blower are all that is needed to ensure perfect discharge of material. The inclination of the cone is so designed that the stored material slides down in mass flow without needing aeration in the silo.

Multi-compartment silo


When producing composite cements, the individual components are stored in separate silos before they are blended. Combining these silos into one unit presents distinct advantages. The compartments of a multi-compartment silo are thus individual silos with pressure-relieved outlet.